As active sports people ourselves, we apprciate the hard work, dedication and passion that high performance demands. And that it's all about looking good in the photos!

Sports photography an mean covering a sporting event or trainign session, a team photo, portraits of club members, images of facilities or staging action shots.

See our Sport Samples page for examples of our work.

A simple hourly rate applies to all comissions for sports photography: £40 per hour of photography.

Post-production and editing is free. 

There are several ways to get copyright released images - for purposes as diverse as club website, distribution to news media, onward sale to club members :

  • Per image, High-Resolution digital file(ie suitable for printing up to A3) file size: £15
  • DVD of all images, small digital file size (ie suitable for web display) : £60
  • DVD of all images, High-Resolution digital file (ie suitable for printing up to A3) and small file size : £225
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