We are a grassroots business based in Edinburgh and operating throughout the UK.

Niall Darroch - Niall has been taking photos at Weddings, Social occasions and Sports events since 1996. Trained formally as a photographer at Dundee College and the Glasgow College of Building and Printing, 2002-05. His unobtrusive style means that he can capture remarkably natural and spontaneous moments that can often tell the real story.

Becca Freeden - Trained as a graphic designer with extensive experience in digital image post production. This grounding in visual arts enhances her abilities as a photographer, as does her naturally helpful disposition.

As a small business, we can take the time to find out what each client actually wants. This sensitive approach means the event is a collaborative and stress free process. We also really enjoy what we do, and this comes through in our photographs!

As well as photography for all occasions, we also offer Graphic Design, Image Manipulation and Stationery Design/Production.

We don't just work together, we are also married! If you are very interested, our own wedding pictures are on the Portfolio menu. Photographer Sean McLemon. Our Honeymoon pics from Botswana are also online, we took them!

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